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Old DanceJam Classes

this information is out-dated. To get the latest informatin, visit the home page.


Dance Jam Class Schedule for July 2013

Classes are 8pm-9pm at Eveoke Dance Theater in North Park, $5 for the class, and an additional $10 to stay for the jam!

It is recommended to experience all four classes this month as a series in personal growth and development through movement. However, drop-ins are definitely welcome! Come experience the bliss of embodiment with two experienced guides.

Class Schedule:

July 5- Mystic Movement: Letting it Go - a night of deep release work in a Shamanic containter to let go of old patterns, beliefs and stuck energies in the body. Taught by Flow Flower www.EcstaticBeing.com

July 12- Mystic Movement: Letting it In - This class is a heart-based danced focused on opening the heart chakra and letting in all the goodness that life has in store for us. Increase your manifestation potential and activate your receptivity. With Flow Flower

July 19- Primal Play - Developing New Patterns: Movement expert Nancy leads us on a somatic journey to develop new patterns that are in alignment with our truth.
Led by Nancy Parker- www.balancedwell.com

July 26- Ecstatic Contact - In the final class of this series we will access all the shamanic movement skills from previous weeks to drop into deep energetic and blissful states and then learn how to connect with others through movement from this space! A deep and intimate experience of somatic conversation in a safe container of playful joy! with Flow Flower

We invite you to join us in this deep series of somatic initiations to access your inner movement magician. See you There!

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DanceJam San Diego Information:

DanceJam's Mission

To provide a safe, respectful, and non-judgmental dance environment in which to have fun; to foster community around the human body in motion; and to re-connect us with the playful child inside.

DanceJam is a by-product of the expressive arts movement that began in the early '70s along with the post-modern and contact improvisation dance movements. Here in San Diego County, our community has been coming together in the dance for over thirty-five years. We meet three times a week – on Friday nights in North Park, and on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights in Encinitas.

All of our jams are volunteer-run, barefoot boogie, open-floor dances that are operated by our action team members for people who love to dance and express themselves through movement. Our weekly spaces are a safe, playful and friendly alternative to the club scene.


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You don't need to get dressed up or worry about being cool. You don't have to be graceful or have studied dance. All you have to do is like to move your body and have fun. You can dance alone or dance with others -- you choose whatever you need to feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Rotating DJs spin a wide variety of dance tunes from many different genres -- from world-beat, to disco, to swing, to hip-hop, to boogie. The music changes all night long offering a variety of moods and beats to dance to.

As one of our regular dancers puts it, "It's like when you turn up the stereo and dance in your living room just because you need to dance -- except that there's a bunch of other people doing the same thing!"

Why not stop by and check it out?

We invite your feedback and thoughts, both prior to and after experiencing Fridays with the new schedule.  This is your space. Your heart. Your energy. Your place to be present, as you are moved to be present.  Your voice is important!

In the Dancing Spirit,

Lisa Marie, Leah, Manuel, Steve B., Michelle, Bradley

DanceJam San Diego (North Park) is produced by Whole Being, Inc.

Whole Being Weekend

Old Class Descriptions

Classes vary from week to week. Below are some of the regular class offerings.

Contact Improvisation with Paul Laurey

We will explore our grounding with the floor and connection with a partner. We will practice fundamentals and also specific dance exercises to expand our partnered movement vocabulary. The class will be fun, challenging, and a creative engagement of everything else you bring.

Paul has been dancing contact improvisation since 2000. He is devoted to the practice of mutual listening and our authentic creative response as a tool for dance and art making. Paul has also been active as a performer and choreographer. This fall, he joined the MFA program in Dance Theater at UCSD.

Contact Improv Class with Anya Cloud

This class will focus on ways of physically and verbally saying yes and no within contact improvisation. Through tuning into self and partner, with a base line of trust, we will dive into ways of listening and responding to limits, comfort zones and risk taking.

Some previous experience with contact improvisation is suggested.

Anya Cloud is pursing her MFA studies in Dance Theatre at UCSD and has been practicing contact improvisation for nine years. Her work with Nancy Stark Smith, Martin Keogh, Nita Little and Carol Swann deeply informs her teaching/practice. Contact improvisation continues to challenge and inspire her way of being in the world.

Contact Improv Class with Karen Wilkening

The basics of creating the magic of presence and center in Contact Improv, an improvisational dance form with a partner. We will explore center, weight, safety, impulse and flow to explore this most meditative yet nurturing dance form. Beginners, this is your chance to try out what you've seen on the dance floor.

Taught by Karen Wilkening, MA, expressive arts therapist and somatic educator with 10 years experience teaching improvisational dance and 25 years liberating the soul within the body.

Core Connection with Karen Wilkening

Experience a connection to your energetic core and bring deeper authenticity to your dancing. We will work directly with the spine; grounding, breathing, and mobilizing muscles to free your center. Expand your range of movement and expression. Enhance your sense of presence. Increase your sensory capacity. This technique works for both beginners and advanced dancers alike.

Taught by Karen Wilkening, MA, expressive arts therapist and somatic educator with 25 years experience teaching improvisational dance and liberating the soul within the body. Change your body, change your life!

Contact Improv Class with Sarah Jaffe

Within the form of contact improvisation, this class will focus on increasing physical possibilities and heightening awareness about choice making within both a solo and partnered body. Inspired by "states of being", we will play with disorientation, stability and risk taking through exertion, patience and curiosity. Open to all levels of movers.

Primal Partner Dance with Meeshi Ravi

Explore the wild boundary where Freeform Dancing meets Partner Social Dancing. Exercises include Grounding/Flying Techniques, Quadrupedal (Animal) Movement, Spin/Turn Drills, and Lifts & Dips. No partner required.

Taught by Meeshi Ravi has studied, performed, and taught various ethnic arts for over 20 years. He has trained with masters of West African drum and dance, Afro-Brazilian dance, Korean Percussion, Modern Dance, Acro-Yoga and Tai Chi. In 1996, he discovered the Lindy Hop and has been focusing his energies on exploring this African-American improvisatory partner dance form ever since.

Since 1998, Meeshi has taught swing classes at all of San Diego’s major local universities (UCSD, SDSU, and USD) and has been the promoter/organizer of several of San Diego’s most popular swing venues including the popular Firehouse Swing Dance (1998-present), San Diego’s longest running Lindy Hop Swing venue.

Meeshi is a house DJ at the Firehouse and loves to play music that moves his soul. He is excited to share his eclectic collection of music from around the world in the hopes of moving your soul.

Approaching Butoh with Charlene Penner

In this class we will use the calling of our name to deepen and expand our presence. Using small rocks and seaweed / ocean / dragon imagery, we will work with rooting, flowing movement, and outward connection.

Please come early to register before the class begins doors close at 8:10. The space may be cold, depending on the weather so bring something warm to wear.

In 1996, Penner began exploring the powerful transforming dynamics of Butoh, focused in a mentorship with Diego Piñón, Butoh master from Mexico. She continues to work with him and has also studied with a variety of other teachers. A 30-year practice in a variety of energetic forms that integrate breath and movement, such as yoga, tai chi and chi gung, and contact improvisation also influence her work. Since 1999 she has been creating, performing and teaching her own work and collaborating to bring her form into many other works, predominantly with Eveoke Dance Theatre.

Contact Charlene at to learn more about her upcoming Butoh series Sundays in March.

Contact Improvisation with Paul Laurey

We will explore our grounding with the floor and connection with a partner. We will practice fundamentals and also specific dance exercises to expand our partnered movement vocabulary. The class will be fun, challenging, and a creative engagement of everything else you bring.

Paul has been dancing contact improvisation since 2000. He is devoted to the practice of mutual listening and our authentic creative response as a tool for dance and art making. Paul has also been active as a performer and choreographer. This fall, he joined the MFA program in Dance Theater at UCSD.

Contact Improvisation
with visiting Master Teacher Kim Epifano

This class builds contact improvisation skills to open the body and the imagination to dancers' potential. Students explore their individual creativity, balance, and body awareness while learning to move in relation to their self, the floor and a partner. By sharing weight, strength, space and gravity, participants learn how to trust and be trusted while falling on and off the edges of their bodies. We will explore how the ending of one move is the beginning of another and how to utilize momentum to continue the progressive nature of the dance. Fine tune your improvisor and deepen the dance! All levels of experience welcome.

Kim Epifano has a 25-year history as an award winning performer, choreographer, director, educator, and collaborator. She is the Artistic Director of Epiphany Productions Sonic Dance Theater based in San Francisco, California. Since founding her company in 1997, Ms. Epifano has choreographed, directed, and created music for 19 evening length works of "sonic dance theater." Her work has been nominated for and awarded several Bay Area Isadora Duncan Dance Awards (IZZIES), won the SF Weekly's Black Box Award in 1998 for Best Dance Ensemble, and placed first in Mexico's Bi-National Competition. She was a main collaborator with Contraband and The Dance Brigade. She studied Capoeira with Mestre Accordion for eight years and competed with his team winning a first place medal in Brazil. She received her MFA in Choreography from UC Davis and has more than 19 years of experience teaching dance at the collegiate level. Epifano has taught Technique, Contact Improv and many other forms of movement, theater and vocalization nationally and internationally. Most recently Chile, Mexico, Vietnam, Ethiopia and India. She is the Artistic/Executive director of the popular San Francisco Trolley Dances which is in its 8th year. For more information go to www.epiphanydance.org.

For more information visit her website: www.epiphanydance.org.

Healing Dance Fusion! with Parminder

Dance has been an important form of self-expression and communal connection in all cultures. Traditional tribal dances marked important rites of passage and allowed for a spirited and uninhibited way for people to express their griefs, joys, hopes and fears. This type of unselfconscious expression has enormous potential for release of repressed emotions, stress, and blocked energy. In a healing dance fusion, you are invited to get in touch with your most playful self and to feel the power and joy of freely expressing all that is stored inside you.

Guided by philosophies as diverse as yoga and bioenergetics, incorporating moves from a variety of traditional and modern dance forms, healing dance fusion is a fun, energizing, and healing experience. Indian, African, Latin/Caribbean, and Middle Eastern music is mixed with modern pop/hip hop beats for a fun, unique blend of sound and movement. The new Dances of Unity series is aimed at restoring harmony, wholeness, and balance with the self and with the outer world. We will incorporate some visualizations and heart-opening exercises into each dance class. Each session is stand alone, and no prior experience is necessary. Most of the movements are freeform, and those that are demonstrated are simple and easy to follow. Join us and experience the healing power of self-expression!

The upcoming four-part Dances of Unity series:

3. Oct. 5th - Unity with Nature

4. Dec. 7th - Unity with Spirit

Parminder is a healer, educator, dancer, guide, and poet who grew up in both India and the United States. She has traveled to many countries and has a deep and abiding love for indigenous traditions and the timeless wisdom they offer. Her aspiration is to integrate the wisdom of the sacred traditions of the past with modern knowledge in order to assist in the spiritual upliftment, healing, connection, and transformation of individuals and communities. Her dance classes have an international flair with incorporation of teachings from the world's wisdom traditions and music from many continents. Learn more about her work at www.alchemyofpresence.com.

Blues Tango with Mihai Banulescu

Blues dancing, as taught by Mihai, is about connection and creative musicality. The connection part is quality touch, embrace, leading, listening and, eventually, co-creation. While many people experience life as separate, (blues) dancing offers an opportunity to be intimate within a safe container, to experience the joy of human touch. The creative musicality part is an opportunity for self-expression. Can you be an artist on the dance floor? Why not? This is part spiritual practice, part fun, part opportunity for personal growth. What we will actually do in class is a lot of dancing, with some gentle guidance. Think about your relaxation and balance, now dance. Here's how you know quality touch, now dance. Leading and following work like this, now dance. This is an inside turn, now dance. Mihai's teaching will be an invitation, just as leading a dance is an invitation.

Mihai's teaching is defined by curiosity, practical creativity and compassion. He constantly grows and improves his pedagogy and curriculum, comes up with many unique exercises and loves giving individual feedback in a gentle, useful manner. Mihai started dancing in 1997 and has been teaching full time since 2005. He has taught workshops and festivals in over 20 states. He has also been DJing blues, swing and tango since 2003 and started San Francisco'sFriday Night Blues - the world's first blues-only weekly dance. Visit Mihai's website (beyondblues.com) for more information.

Argentine Tango with Isabelle

Isabelle focuses the full range of her movement training on teaching Argentine Tango, believing that people will find confidence and pleasure in dancing with their bodies as fully engaged as possible. Classes start with an introduction to weight and balance awareness in the individual, followed by games and exercises that demonstrate and practice communication between pairs. Incorporating the specific walking techniques of Argentine tango allows couples to move close together without interference, and then they are ready to embrace and experience the magic of tango, all by the end of the first hour!

Isabelle found Argentine Tango by accident in 1998, when a disabling event prevented her dancing modern and African dance. Tango not only allowed her to start moving again, but eventually became a vehicle for collecting and synthesizing her life-long training in dance. Isabelle started dancing as a child in Barbados, the West Indies, instructed in the rigorous ballet syllabus of the Royal Academy of Dance, and also dancing spontaneously to the indigenous rhythms of the steel drum. She continued her ballet training with the National Ballet School in Washington D.C., and Ballet Rambert in London, with additional training in mime, flamenco, and jazz at the Metropolitan Ballet in Bethesda, Maryland. At Reed College in Portland, Oregon, she discovered African dance, and in graduate school in Houston first performed with a modern dance ensemble.

Isabelle's tango training started in San Diego with Ive Simard and Todd Martin at El Mundo del Tango, followed by numerous world-renowned tango dancers, including Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo, Jorge Nel, Pablo Veron, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Gonzales, Chicho Frumboli, Pablo Villarraza & Dana Frigoli, Norberto Esbrez, Luisa Paes, Daniela Pucci & Luis Bianchi, and others. Performances have included Celebrate Dance Festival, Bravo San Diego, the Del Mar Fair, San Diego Magazine's Celebration of Who's Who, the Jewish Film Festival, the San Diego Klezmer Festival, and for numerous corporate and private functions.

Isabelle has taught Argentine Tango at El Mundo del Tango, UC San Diego, and in various studios and private functions around San Diego and in Washington DC, Portland, Oregon, and elsewhere.

Whole Being Weekend Quarterly Dance party

Join us for the Whole Being Quarterly dance party!. Doors open at 8:00pm and we invite you all to a great evening of music with DJ Candice, dance and health. Put it on your calendar. There will be massage tables, light snacks and good company!

Since there will not be a class, happy hour has been extended and will last from 8 to 9:30pm. Come early and get in for $5. After 9:30 $7.

Contact Improv with Lisa Frank

Building on CI principles and skills, we will take partnering dances across the floor and around the space. Class will be a traveling conversation between one's own body parts and those of other dancers while playing with gravity and momentum. Class will culminate with a Round Robin.

Lisa Frank is a dancer, improvisor, choreographer, performer and educator. Her recent ventures include a year-long project in 2010 as co-creator / artistic director of Chicago-based improvisational performance ensemble OosImaginary, who, in addition to performing regularly in the Chicago-area, went on a month-long national tour during summer 2010. Lisa has collaborated and performed with Concert Dance Incorporated, Reveries In Motion, Chicago Dance Crash, Blushing Poppy Productions and Dance Union in Chicago.

Teacher and dance-maker, she has taught workshops and set pieces of choreography for the dancers of St. Mary's College of Notre Dame, Northeastern Illinois University, and Southwestern Michigan College. Lisa is also co-creator of Imaginary Friends, an interdisciplinary program of creative movement & dance for elementary age students.

She holds a B.A in Dance from Northeastern Illinois University. She has also attended American Dance Festival/Duke University and Southwestern Michigan College. Beyond her dance training, she has also studied and trained in the artistic styles and movement of Butoh, Clown, Contact Improvisation, Theater, and Multiple forms of Yoga. Following the path of her own movement and creativity through curiosity and collaborative practices, she continues to seek knowledge, wisdom and inspiration as teacher and student.

5 Rhythms with Eugene Hedlund

This class will be a in-depth, guided exploration of the five rhythms followed by a two-hour jam in which dancers are invited to continue that exploration. Due to the nature of the intention of the meditation, dancers are requested to keep conversations out in the lobby during the jam.

The 5 Rhythms is a simple, powerful moving meditation that anyone -- of any age, size, or physical ability -- can practice. There are no steps to follow, no choreography to learn, no way to do it wrong. The only requirement is a body that is still breathing, a heart that is still beating, and mi...nd that is still curious!
Just like light, sound or ocean waves, a dancing body when moving freely passes through 5 distinct rhythmic patterns. These patterns continuously repeat themselves in a wave of motion.

The 5 Rhythms are:

FLOWING the fluid, continuous, grounded glide of our own movements
the percussive, pulsing beat that shapes us a thousand different ways
CHAOS the rhythm of letting go, releasing into the catalytic wildness of our dance that can never be planned or repeated
LYRICAL the rhythm of trance, where the weight of self-consciousness dissolves, where we lighten up and disappear into our own uniqueness
STILLNESS the quiet emptiness, where gentle movements rise and fall, start and end, in a field of silence.

Authentic Movement with Eliana Uretsky and Jane Blount

Authentic Movement is a profound movement practice, created by Dance Therapist Mary Whitehouse, that has been practiced and taught around the world since the 1960's. In this practice, movers attend within and follow movement/sound impulses that arise below thought. Impulses can range from playful to serious, from huge gesture and movement through space to stillness, and may or may not involve other movers. There may be vocal sound, there may be contact. A rich ground is created for self-inquiry, conscious/unconscious integration, deep physical pleasure, and the sparking of creativity.

One of the beauties of Authentic Movement is its minimal structure - no music, no one directing the movement. There are witnesses who are "holding the space" and tracking our own experience as we witness, creating a strong and compassionate container for the movers. After moving, there is a time for speaking and reflection; this happens in a unique way that can profoundly affect one's communication habits and relation with self and other.

We offer this practice before Dance Jam for its power to help movers anchor strongly within and stay true to the self while in and out of contact with others. If Authentic Movement is new to you and you want more information, check out the websites beinginmotionpilates.com, (click on the "Authentic Movement" link) and http://www.authenticmovement-bodysoul.com/amcenter.html

Eliana Lynne Uretsky first experienced Authentic Movement in 1986; it was love at first dip. She co-founded and participated in a weekly A.M. collective in the Bay Area and then a now-6-year-old SD collective, and she has taught Authentic Movement workshops here and around the world.

Eliana teaches Pilates, yoga, and the Middendorf Experience of Breath here in San Diego. She is a certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering™ and other somatic disciplines. In her other life, she creates and maintains edible/native/ low-water gardens. Find her atwww.beinginmotionpilates.com

Jane Blount first experienced and was deeply moved by Authentic Movement in 1993 in a workshop led by Andrea Olsen. In 2006 she co-founded a San Diego A.M. collective, and has facilitated Authentic Movement workshops throughout San Diego County and the midwest.

Jane, a dance artist and somatics practitioner with over 30 years' experience teaching, improvising and performing, holds an HHP certification in Integrative Somatics from the International School of Professional Bodywork (IPSB) and practices holistic bodywork www.artof-massage.com . She was a founding member of Lower Left Dance and Performance Collective from 1994 – 2007 and received two San Diego Dance Alliance "Tommy Awards" for outstanding performance with Lower Left and McCaleb Dance. Studies in the Alexander Technique, Ideokinesis. Chi Gung and mindfulness meditation inform her work.

Authentic Movement and Contact Improv with Lindsay Ann Sworski

Join us for a sampling of Saturday's workshop with Lindsay. In the spirit of mindfulness, curiosity, and play, we'll be exploring a body-centered relational awareness practice that is rooted in both Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation. (Hint: it will be both similar and different from last year's Being Moved workshop :) There is almost nothing as interesting as authentic and improvisational human interaction! This enlivens our bodies, nourishes our depths, and transforms our world. We will dive deeper on Saturday but this class will give us a taste...

Lindsay Sworski, LMT, enjoys loving people for a living! After 10 years as a professional movement/awareness teacher, massage therapist, bodywork instructor, dancer, and counselor, Lindsay brings her deep knowledge of the human body and spirit to her inspired movement, massage, and counseling practice. She has been on faculty at both the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego and the Boulder College of Massage Therapy, and has taught movement-based awareness/healing workshops across Europe and the United States. Lindsay is a graduate of the Comprehensive Training in the Hakomi Method of Experiential Psychotherapy, is an ongoing member of the Ridhwan School of Inner Work. Love, movement, and good touch, heals! You can learn more about Lindsay at www.MovingPresence.com.

Authentic Movement with Matt Berk

Authentic Movement is a simple but powerful technique allowing self revelation, freeing blocks and revealing ways to allow more authenticity in one's everyday life. As a mover one is invited to move in the space with free abandon to give expression to their inner self. As a witness one is invited to hold space for the mover, tracking both their inner experience and the mover's outward expression. Both roles give one the opportunity to delve into their intrinsic richness, developing one's self awareness, witness self, and authentic nature.

Dance Your SASS with Cassie Mavis

This class blends belly dance with movement designed to awaken your inner sassiness. It is designed to build self acceptance and confidence in expressing your playful, sassy sensuality. We begin in a circle to ground ourselves and connect with the group. A strength building, yoga like warm up focusing on isolations and body awareness prepares the body for the slow slinky walks across the floor which inspires our slinky side to come out and play. Short combos invite a little more sauce. A warm down with visualizations and energy exercises calm the mind and support the healing power of this class. Dress to express your inner SASS or not, just come and have FUN!

Cassie Mavis is a Holistic Health Practitioner/Massage Therapist/Reiki Master and Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Dance as a path of transformation and healing has been part of her life for 20 years. She is a professional belly dancer and a member of A Bit o Burlesque Dance Company.

Permission to Move with Collin Harris

Using the support of one's own inner passion, the support of the small group and culminating in community supported movement, this class, guided by our own community member Collin Harris, will support you in expanding your freedom to move and express fully and expansively. Deejayinging to follow, flowing to maintain the loving and supportive container held the hour before. Your soul will radiate gratitude for showing up, as will Collin's.

Ready to "play it forward?"

Join Brooking for an exploration of how this game can guide and bring clarity about our life challenges, confusions, and intentions. Brooking was trained as an "ambassador" of X the game by game founder Jai Hudes, and is offering this session as an introduction. For those interested in diving deeper, Jai and co-founder Shanti will be in town the following evening hosting a larger event (details to folllow).


The object of this GAME is to reach your highest potential, while helping other players reach theirs. Here are the eight core agreements required to play;

  • I am open and authentic as I express myself;

  • I am genuinely supportive as I listen to others;

  • I am aware the choices I make co-create my future;

  • I view each player in the light of their highest potential;

  • I claim responsibility for my actions and reactions;

  • I accept challenges as opportunities for growth;

  • I hold in confidence all that is shared by others;

  • We all declare this game a safe space to play!

Explorations in Improvisation with Lillian Lugassy Elbaz

Improvisation intentionally explores the process of decision making we all participate in at any given moment. We all embody improvisation every moment of our lives: in our interactions, our physical movements, and as an inherent part of our survival. Movement improvisation allows us to bring awareness to this process through observing our mental, emotional and physical states as we explore our relationship to ourself, the space and others. The nature of improvisational movement is to awaken us!
In this class we will work on enhancing our ability to listen to ourselves while at the same time remaining aware of others without getting lost. Within this framework, we will also play with the influence of music. Come prepared to playfully explore something unique.

Lillian Lugassy Elbaz is an Israeli dancer and choreographer with a B.A. and Teaching Certificate in dance theater. She is the author of the video dances: "Custody" and "Symbiosis" which were first screened at Pompidou Center in Paris in 2002. She wrote and choreographed a dance theater piece, "Lyric," which was inspired by Shakespeare's play King Lear. Lillian choreographed a flash mob of 230 students in Tel Aviv on behalf of the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. She has participated in diverse works, including Fans Amore by Niv Sheinfeld; Spring Awakens, directed by Shlomo Plessner; The Women from Upstairs by Natalie Shillman. Lillian performed as dancer in a clip competition of the British band The Prodigy and produced movement for Georges Perec's play La Poche Parmentier. Currently, Lillian is part of the Dance Theater show 'DISTANZ' by Miri Lazar. Click here for more information.

Ecstatic Contact with Elaena Flow: 2 Part Series

Class 1- Ecstatic Contact: Merging with Self

This class is a fusion of shamanic dance and contact improv. Ecstatically contact your most authentic self. Dive deep into sensation and awareness. Experience joy and connection with others.

Class 2- Ecstatic Contact: Joining in Spirit

This class is a fusion of shamanic dance and contact improv. Tap into your intuitive body wisdom. Learn to listen and be heard through movement. Experience energetic connection with others. Let Spirit move you.

Elaena Flow is a life-long dancer. She has studied Kundalini Dance, an ecstatic tantric-shamanic dance practice, for the past four years and contact improv for two years. Her passion for merging contact improv and the energetic tools of Kundalini Dance lead to the creation of Ecstatic Contact. Flow is a certified and registered yoga teacher and a health coach and has a BA in Sociology from UCSB.

Just Bee You

an Improvisational, Post-Modern Dance Class w/ Cara H. Cadwallader

Join Cara, San Diego's Queen Bee of Sustainability, for an evening of mirth & movement as we drop into the earthgroundfloor below our feet, the multi-dimensionality of our hearts & the spaciousness of one another.

We'll warm up the floor and our bodies with an exploration of time and space that speaks directly to the moments at hand as well as to our unique formation - a once-in-a-lifetime gathering that will never again transgress in the same way.

Let's celebrate and honor the gifts, strengths and weaknesses that we each came into this lifetime now with as we also investigate the inquiry of "How can we co-creatively and constructively build forward from here?"

Cara H. Cadwallader is a dance philosopher and embodiment artist who co-founded the Prosperity Hive, downtown San Diego's Sweet Space for Whole Bee-ing Sustainability. With the Hive's leap out of the Art Center, and after recuperating from a rattlesnake bite in the spring, Cara is now offering her work out of the Ballet Basics Dance Studio in the Art Union Building in Golden Hill.
For links to her offerings, please see:

Belly Dance Workout w/ Ariel

This class will combine belly dance technique with simple stretches and some vigorous core work. Come prepared to have fun, sweat, and shake "what your momma gave you." Everyone is welcome! Please bring a yoga mat if you have one available and a hip scarf if you would like to wear one.

Ariel is a professional belly dancer who performs Turkish, Egyptian, and tribal belly dance styles.

BreathDance w/ Jennifer Hart

Free-flow movement class where your breath will be incorporated into the dance. Learn how your breath and the rhythm of the music creates your own unique dance movements, as you release tension and reconnect to yourself. Guided imagery will be added to create positive energy and new life possibilities. No dance experience necessary. You'll relieve stress and get fit while detoxifying your body. Enjoy this movement medicine class to empower yourself: body, mind & soul.

Dress comfortably. Bring a friend... spread the word!

Jennifer Hart has been dancing various forms of movement throughout her life. She's a breathworker, licensed massage therapist, fire-dancer and trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy & energy work.

Movement & Art w/Jenn Schultz

This class will focus on a five part process of transformation through the three healing modalities of movement/dance + art + dialogue. We will explore the relationship between body, feeling and imagination by shifting between movement, drawing & dialogue in order to expand our awareness and generate new resources for insight, change & creativity.

Primal Play ~ a Dancing Freedom inspired class with Nancy, Energy Geisha, Movement Magician

Are you ready to move stuck energy and unlock your full potential?
Is it time to stop playing small and start moving toward your edges?
Are you ready to grow big enough (and brave enough) to unleash your desires onto the world?

Then I invite you to come on out and play!

We will explore developmental movement patterns, somatic wisdom, the chakras and meridians to strengthen our capacity to dance with the known and the unknown. Activate and deepen your core connection. Explore all of your bodies through creative flowing movement. Journey through a musical wave of elemental alchemy. Release blockages and restore your physical & energetic equilibrium.

Have fun!
Gain strength!
Get connected!
Free your body!
Clear your mind!
Open your heart!
Access full self-expression!

Come experience this playful form of unwinding, artfully blended with precision, in order to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit.

Dancing Freedom is a practice of liberation and embodied awakening. It is a somatic, ecstatic and shamanic dance practice supporting the emergence of living oneness. It is fun, easy, elegant and empowering. It heals. It reveals. It welcomes. Any person of any age, size, color or creed can do it. You cannot do it wrong! When we come together we come in peace to create a deep space of shared practice, transformation and community. We come together in ceremony to dance an elemental wave through earth, water, fire, air and ether to heal, transform & embody our awakening. More info on website.

Capoeira Basics with Dane

Have you ever wanted to learn capoeira but thought it looked too hard? Have you never heard of capoeira but think it sounds cool? Come to this class to be guided through the basic movements of this Afro-Brazilian fusion of dance, acrobatics, and martial arts. Pick up some impressive moves that are easier than they look to incorporate into your dance!

Dane Dormio has been studying a wide variety of martial arts for over 20 years, including tai chi and capoeira. He leads a meetup group for tai chi and teaches with a patient, attentive style that emphasizes sensitivity, fluidity, and sensation. He can be contacted at danedormio@gmail.com for information about tai chi classes and events.

DanceJam DJs

Doug: "I think of my music as opening the door to heaven, intent on swirling the dancer up into a spiritual let go experience, to a tribal depth."

Candice Land: Eclectic sounds to ignite the spirit of the dancer in each of us including: electronica, world rhythms, poetic subconscious meanderings, and shamanic inspired sounds interspersed with old school classics including soul and R&B!

Dj Polar is a chillout and dance music dj. He blends some of the finest melodic instrumentals and quaking electronic beats. Cool off, tune in, and dance away to these arctic rhythms. Hear more of DJ Polar Mixes.